In the mood for metal?

Are you in the mood for metal and interested in mechanics and modern technology? Do you want to hit the ground running and have no fear of numbers or of getting your hands dirty?

With us you will learn the properties of a wide range of materials - from hardened steel to the most flexible plastics. You will learn to read technical drawings and to design your own parts, which you will manufacture using a wide variety of methods and equipment. You will form, cut and join materials as well as change their properties.

After your introduction to our training workshop, decked out with state-of-the-art equipment, you will soon be working on your first hands-on projects in toolmaking. You will learn firsthand how design, toolmaking, automated assembly and electronics work together to create efficient production equipment and perfect products.



After you've taken your mid-term exam you will get your start in the field of CNC technology. You will learn to write programs with which modern machining equipment will automatically make your CAD designs reality.

That's an essential aspect of how we do business, since it's the only way to deliver large volumes of our products to our customers at a consistently high level of quality. In addition, our CNC equipment gives us a great deal of flexibility since a new product only requires the machine tool to be replaced and a new program to be loaded.

Plant engineering

Our own in-house designed and manufactured bending and quality control machines are typically made for a specific part and are much more difficult to re-tool for other projects. One of the most interesting challenges is developing the optimal production process.

You have to decide which steps and checks should be conducted in which order and how best to automate the feeding of materials and half-finished product into the subsequent stations as well as how best to remove them from the last station and to package them for transport. 

All steps must be connected together and integrated into an electronically-controlled and monitored production line. To guarantee a secure and efficient operation, it often makes sense to use modern industrial robots as well.


No matter what you choose -

With us you are right!

We have something for everyone - regardless of whether you prefer to use your hands or to use technology.

If we have captured your attention and you have good grades in math and physics then you're a great fit for us! We offer interesting work and a super team for whom mutual support is a matter of course, both at work and during team events such as trips to the challenge course.

Any questions?

If you still have any questions don't hesitate to contact our training officers, Holger Hillenbrand and Lukas Bohl. Both did their apprenticeships with us, training as Toolmakers, and have remained loyal to our company ever since. They will be happy to share their experience with you and to support you in every way during your apprenticeship.

Instructor Wagner Company

"We provide our trainees with a great deal of experience and support in all areas of their training."

Still not convinced?

Million Parts per Year


years of training

Your apprenticeship usually lasts 3.5 years - if you are motivated, shorten it to 3!

Working hours


hours per week

Within the IG Metall collective agreement, you work 35 hours a week.



days of vacation

Enjoy your 30 days of vacation relaxed with vacation and Christmas bonus!


100 %

takeover chance 

So far, all trainees have been taken on. So your chances are good!

997 €

1. year

1056 €

2. year

1137 €

3. year

1180 €

4. year

Further training

If you are interested in getting qualified for entrance into an advanced technical college or in participating in a "dual-study" program after your successful apprenticeship, we will be delighted to talk with you. Opportunities for career advancement are available for everybody who's willing to put in the work.

Continue your education and become a Master Mechanic, a state-certified Technician, or Business Administrator. 

Are you passionate about automation and Industry 4.0? Then learn how to program industrial robots in courses we sponsor so that you can optimize production to the highest levels of efficiency.

Duale Studenten

"Dual-study" programs

"Dual-study" programs subsequent to your apprenticeship are available as well - Two of our journeymen have successfully completed their dual bachelor's degree in economics and engineering at the Technical University of Central Hesse.

They alternate on a regular basis between academic and practical phases. The academic phase takes place either in Wetzlar or Bad Hersfeld or online. 

The really exciting aspect of this kind of work is that your choice of research thesis can be connected to current issues in the company. Your theoretical ideas can be applied to real-world conditions and tested directly.

Our training professions

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