Customer overview

Quality, Flexibility & Reliability

That is what our customers appreciate.

We can do more than automotive parts

Together with our customers, we are developing further away from combustion engine vehicles to the hybrid and ultimately on to electric vehicles. At the same time we are expanding more and more outside of the automotive industry.

By virtue of the diversity of our production capabilities in the area of machining metal, we are capable of developing individual solutions for customers in all areas and of providing efficient, large-volume production. Our flat organizational hierarchy enables us to respond quickly and flexibly while reliably delivering the highest level of quality. 

We are currently supplying parts to all the major car and truck manufacturers as well as to numerous suppliers of sub-systems. In addition, we supply customers who produce motorcycles, energy generators, ship engines, construction machinery and filters as well as measurement and control technology. For most of the approximately 420 parts we deliver we are our customers' only supplier. We currently export 51% of our production.


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