The combination of metal cutting, stamping, forming, wire and pipe processing and joining technologies such as brazing, welding and laser welding enables us to work precisely and efficiently on a wide range of products and to manufacture complex assemblies.

The following products are only a few examples of the possible fields of application.

Steel sheet spring holder

Assemblies for electronic steering

In electronic power steering, our components support the smooth transfer of steering assistance from the electric motor to the mechanical steering.

This is of critical importance in both driving comfort and precision of steering. As a result of our work with the client, we have continuously improved the product and achieved savings in weight, material cost and assembly effort required. 

Another result was an entirely new approach to the problem which led to the development of a brand new product. The steel sheet spring holder is a complex assembly surrounding a ball bearing with a divided interior ring, absorbing both axial and radial forces. 

In this way, shock from the chassis to the steering column is absorbed, extending both its functional lifespan and improving driving comfort considerably. 

Assemblies for automatic transmission and electric vehicles

The transmission is another area where our components come into play. Our parking locks use an interlocking mechanism to prevent vehicles from rolling away while parked.

They are not only used in automatic transmissions, but in electric vehicles, since they fill in where a mechanical handbrake is missing.

Parking locks

The parking lock consists of two components: the parking pawl and the actuator rod. The parking pawl is a turned cone with straightened and notched wire. Depending on the specific product, the actuator rod is turned and gear teeth are either milled or cold formed. When cold formed, the manufacturing process is entirely automatic and seamlessly integrated with the gear tooth check and grinding process which come after. The completed rod is subsequently laser welded to the stamped carrier.

Fields of application






Electric vehicles


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